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We build mobile & web apps

We're fuss-free, reliable and experienced. We help you turn your project into reality.

/ Our Process /

We believe in one key to success: building what your customers need.

Our founding team has over twenty years of startup & entrepreneurial experience. We have founded and successfully sold startups and worked as C-level executives at well funded startups. Our key lesson: Understand your customer and success will follow.


Understanding your needs

At the start of our journey, we will get to know you. We will explore your needs together - the needs of your customers and the needs of your organisation. Our customers range from startup to Blue Chip. Our customers include: EWE, Henkel, Fraunhofer Institut and TUEV Nord.
We understand both customer and internal requirements and can help guide you to success. Our key motivation is to understand which features will really make the difference for you.



Based on our joint exploration, we help you define the product you need. We have built products for corporates and well funded startups, such as Helpling & Planetly. We jointly define a realistic time & budget plan that we will execute against.



Based on the planning phase we will build your mobile application. Depending on the complexity of your application, typical time frames for this phase are 2-6 months. This phase includes an internal beta-launch and weekly progress update calls.



This is the fun part. We will be with you on and after launch day, making sure your application is a success and helping you gather critical customer insights for the ongoing development of your app.

/ Our Customers /

We have worked with a large number of startups and big German brands, including: EWE, FDP, Haniel Group, Helpling, Henkel, Planetly, TÜV Nord, 7Places and many more.

/ Case Studies /

We've worked on some really awesome projects.

We love building digital products. Our background is originally in the consumer internet, but we love building any kind of application that drives real world usage. We have built a number of successful B2C and B2B platforms. We are especially experienced in building marketplace businesses.



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Social Media
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/ Our Tech /

We are techies at and care about constantly improving our skills.

Get an insight on how we make our tech choices and follow some of our progress here: